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Tapawera Road

FUNdaRentally better summer motoring

Yes summer’s here and the time is right, for driving in the street….up the road, through the mountain pass, round the vineyards or just cruisin on down to the beach, but whatever highway you’re taking the theme should be enjoyment. To help that the sun is seriously shining for much of the time in the Top of the South Island from November right through to end March. And with Nelson and Blenheim always in the top 5 sunniest places in New Zealand, (both clocking over 2000 sunshine hours a year), the weather, scenery and surprisingly uncrowded roads make it picture perfect for driving jaunts to just about anywhere and back, and then back again. You can’t do it in just any old anonymous lump of metal with a wheel in each corner though, you want something cool, classy and FUN….OK and vaguely practical to carry your cases… not the clothes variety, I mean cases of fine tasting wine direct from the regions exceptional vineyards or what about some of Nelsons award winning craft beers? How’s that for bitter, sorry, better summer motoring?

So what vehicles meet this criteria, that make you actually look forward to turning the key? I’d reckon a VW Campervan, Beetle, or Mustang from the sixties would do it, any Mini or anything Italian from any era probably would too, (except Fiats from the 1980s but they probably aren’t working anyway), and maybe some Jaaaags could sneak in, providing the drivers didn’t behave like absolute bounders. Well we don’t have any of those for you, (shucks, we’re working on it though, in our heads at least). What RentAClassic does have for you to hire right now though is our 1972 MG BGT and 1999 Saab 93 Convertible which certainly meet the cool and classy criteria, manage to be pretty darn practical, (the Saab even has 4 leather seats with the front 2 heated for goodness sake), and best of all, are both serious and dumb grin inducing fun. You can swan around soaking up the sun in the Saab convertible, experiencing the strange sensation of driving the swiftest, comfiest open air armchair with an automatic sunshade you can think of, or involve yourself in the perky, rorty energy of the MG that like some eager puppy just wants to jump up and chew the leg off any road…or just pootle around as you decide. And the roads here, as well as not being choked with fume belching traffic aren’t boring flatlands of four lane concrete either, oh no, they weave, stretch, bank, dip, climb, soar, (OK may be going too energetically on that last one), through classic kiwi vistas. I couldn’t resist giving the MG carburetors a spring clean on State Highway 60 by traversing the entertaining Takaka Hill and cruising round glorious Golden Bay up to Collingwood recently, with room for my luggage, food shopping, a pretty sizeable fidgety dog and even a garden strimmer, (don’t ask), and boy was it enjoyable. I stayed at the lovely Blue Sky Bach right in the centre of Collingwood, with it’s deserted beaches, Farewell Spit bird sanctuary and the Rosy Glow handmade chocolates for grown ups. Not far away is the welcoming Mussell Inn where you can sample those craft beers, (so long as someone else drives you home), straight from the tap in a uniquely kiwi environment, but there are plenty of other delights to sample from Motueka to Upper Moutere, nestled amongst lovely driving country. Our customers who’ve just got back from hires round the area recently both quoted not being able to lose the smiles off their faces themselves, having probably put ones on most of the folks they passed in these characterful cars. And continuing the lyrics cited at the start, when all you need is music, sweet sweet music, our BYO SoundTracks system can bring your music everywhere from your iPod™, SmartPhone etc via our car stereos, to get you further into the sunshine groove.

You didn’t think car hire could be so enjoyable? And then you’ve got all of glorious New Zealand to enjoy them in……you lucky, lucky people….

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