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A convertible isn’t just for Christmas….or summer….

You can enjoy them almost any time of year, (*evidenced by the commercials lower down), with most having heated front seats, well insulated simple to operate roofs, and very effective heaters and / or aircon.

The weather in Nelson Tasman at the Top of the South Island of New Zealand is pretty darn sunny the vast majority of the year – not too hot in Summer, just plain delightful in Autumn and Spring, and even crisp and bright for much of Winter.

Just to prove it, here’s LIVE webcam footage overlooking the Motueka channel in Tasman and the marina in the (mainly) gorgeous Golden Bay.



Saturday June 15, 2024 11:09 pm


Streams courtesy of Tasman District Council, thanks for promoting our wonderful region.

* and why not enjoy a convertible all year round....?

* our Saab 9-3 and VW Beetle convertibles are up for it if you are.....

Choose from these fun in the sun cars for your Nelson Tasman Tour

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2008 Alfa Romeo Brera

2008 Alfa Romeo Brera Q4 V6 auto 4 seater Coupe Hire, Nelson

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2009 Alfa Spider V6 auto 2 seater Convertible Hire, Nelson

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1993 Alfa Spider S4 manual 2 seater Convertible Hire, Nelson

From $160 per day or less, drive the motherlode of all classics....updated! Almost identical in…

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Alfa Spider S2 Rent a classic alfa spider couple overlooking nelson vineyard

1975 Alfa Spider S2 manual 2 seater Convertible Hire, Nelson

From $195 per day or less, drive the motherlode of all classics. Thoroughly original and…

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Saab convertible car hire, Rabbit Island, Nelson

1999 Saab 9-3 SE manual 4 seater Convertible Hire, Nelson

Classy and refined cruising, with effortless press on from the turbo when required. Lap up…

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1972 MG BGT manual 2 seater Sports Car Coupe Hire, Nelson

Hire an MG sports car of character and charm for a real driving experience, proving…

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