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Ah, choices, choices

Convertible sports car hire with RentAClassic doesn’t mean limiting your options.

Would you like two seats or four Madam? Auto tiptronic or stick shift manual transmission Sir? Craving a classic or minded for a more modern machine?

Or perhaps a spacious sports saloon or hard top coupe better suits your needs on a grand South Island tour for that New Zealand Road Trip you’ve always promised yourselves?

Indeed our Lexus SC430 is both a hard top coupe and a convertible sports car, an automatic you can manually change gears on…now that’s cool and flexible sports car rental!

We’ve got enough different luggage space, pricing options and wheels to go around for everyone, and the car you see below is the car you’ll get.

Just click the buttons below to filter on your preferences one by one.

Hire between May & October.. get 30% off High Season pricing!

2006 Alfa Romeo 147 2.0 Ti auto 4 seater Hatchback Hire Nelson

Our version of a Toyota Corolla hire car....that's definitely something different from the yawn. A…

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2007 BMW 6 Series Sport auto 4 seater Convertible Hire, Nelson

Tour in grand style in this large, luxurious four seater European BMW convertible Designed for…

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2008 BMW Mini Cooper John Cooper Works manual 4 seater Hatchback Hire, Nelson

  Mini Thrill Maximised - Rent the zippiest BMW Mini Cooper in New Zealand!  A…

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2005 Lexus SC430 V8 auto 2 seater Convertible Hire, Christchurch

  Rent a seriously cool V8 Lexus Convertible Coupe! A superbly luxurious 2 seater Grand…

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2002 Alfa Romeo 166 V6 Italian auto 4 seater Saloon Car Hire, Nelson

Not keen on convertibles? Need more space but want to keep the style? Choose an…

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2009 Alfa Romeo Spider 3.2 V6 auto 2 seater Convertible Hire Nelson

Burbling V6. Surefooted All Wheel Drive. Superbly appointed. Beautifully formed. From less than $195 per…

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1993 Alfa Romeo Spider S4 manual 2 seater Convertible Hire Nelson

  From $160 per day or less, drive the motherlode of all classics....updated! Almost identical…

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Alfa 156 V6 saloon for hire New Zealand

2000 Alfa Romeo 156 2.5 V6 auto 4 seater Saloon Hire Nelson

Choose something (almost) sensible from $50 per day or less. 4 doors. 4 seats. A…

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Alfa Spider S2 Rent a classic alfa spider couple overlooking nelson vineyard

1975 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 manual 2 seater Convertible Hire Nelson

From $195 per day or less, drive the motherlode of all classics. Thoroughly original and…

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Saab 9-3 convertible car for hire, Christchurch, New Zealand

1999 Saab 9-3 SE manual 4 seater Convertible Hire, Christchurch

Classy and refined cruising, with effortless press on from the turbo when required. Lap up…

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RentAClassic Jaguar XK8 Convertible hire at Nelson waterfront

1996 Jaguar XK8 auto 2 seater Convertible Hire Nelson

From $230 per day or less, you don't so much drive as pilot our Jaguar…

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Hire an MG sports car Nelson

1972 MG BGT manual 2 seater Sports Car Hire Nelson

Hire an MG sports car of character and charm for a real driving experience, proving…

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2001 Alfa Romeo Spider V6 manual 2 seater Convertible Hire Nelson

Whisper it, but this is the car I'd currently pick from our range for the…

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Choose your kind of hire car....


Iconic Classics – only found for hire in New Zealand right here

Such exclusive rarities can only be found for self drive hire in a handful of places in the world….and they won’t have the stunning New Zealand scenery and roads to enjoy them on. Superbly presented, very well maintained and thoroughly original, these iconic sports cars are quite capable of keeping up with their modern counterparts on long trips. 



Grand Tourers – convertibles with grace, space and pace

Yes it certainly applies to our Jaguar, but all the others can lay good claim to it too. Big cars, big capability and with two of you travelling, big space to accommodate your luggage, and all in luxurious and eye catching style, especially with the top down.



Serious Sports Cars – serious fun for serious drivers

These cars don’t just look like the goods, they deliver too. Individually they offer up turbochargers, paddle lever gear change, brembo brakes, all wheel drive, popping, rasping, or burbling exhaust notes. Collectively they all provide responsive handling, sure footed grip, 6 speed gear boxes and a smile that won’t leave your face.



Sports Saloons – practical rental cars different from the yawn

Offering space for four and superb value for money, these cars certainly still have both character and sporting pedigree, wrapped up in some very appealing well specified European designs. A highly refreshing and engaging alternative to touring in your normal SUV or Corolla hire car….


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