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1972 MG BGT coupe

Available in NELSON

Hire an MG sports car of character and charm for a real driving experience, proving that classic car hire is above all, fun! The MGB GT is an iconic car that is easy to drive, surprisingly sprightly, can fit a good amount of luggage, and is virtually guaranteed to get people smiling and talking wherever it goes. Condition inside and out is superb, with many mechanical updates, that have reliably covered thousands of trouble free km. Being both a fixed top and a hatchback it’s surprisingly practical, you can play your digital media through the 1970s stereo, and boy does that exhaust note sound tasty! 








1.8 litre



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Day 1
2nd - 5th Day
6th - 9th Day
Day 10 & over
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Ready to hire?

All cars come with unlimited km, comprehensive insurance & roadside assistance for both islands, plus insurance excess reduction options. We also provide a personalised familarisation session and documentation for your car. 

The car you see here is the car you’ll get. A 20% deposit using secure payment facilities reserves your unique car and dates, so why not….

Features and Specification

  • 1.8 litre Twin Carb
  • Manual 4 speed transmission with overdrive
Safety Rating: Not Available

No modern safety features except:

  • High level brake light
  • Inertia reel seat belts

      Ride = Bouncy!

  • Umm, headrests?!
  • Seats 2
  • Luggage space = Good
  • Boot dimensions = 90 x 55 x 40 (cm LWH)
  • An extra 90 x 30 x 60 of space is available on the rear bench


Our genuine customer comments on driving this classic below....

1972 MGB GT (2 seater manual)

“…the world’s greatest everyday classic…”
Classic and Sports Car Magazine, Sep 21.



What's she like to drive?

From $140 per day or less, short throw gear stick close at hand, the rorty sports exhaust burbling behind you, and sparkling 70s Rostyles ready to roll, you feel like getting carried away in a spirited, involving drive. The 1800cc engine with twin carbs has plenty of pulling power for getting you up those twisty mountain roads, and sitting so low to the ground with your legs stretched out in front of you gives a feeling normally reserved for going far faster. Or you could proceed in a more civilised manner with a leisurely cruise in overdrive, pootling around without disturbing the contents of the picnic basket, just enjoying the admiring glances and the stunning scenery. Either way, it’ll be serious sports car hire fun!

What do I need to get used to?

Not being able to wipe the smile off your face? You’re likely to appear in quite a few photos and find strangers smiling and wanting a chat! OK the ride is somewhat unrefined and bouncy, you are low down in a little car, and you won’t exactly hear a pin drop inside at full tilt with the windows open, with quite a few creaks at any speed. You’ll also need to adapt your driving style to cope without power steering, ABS brakes or other modern safety aids, and you certainly can’t drive it with ‘one finger’ – it’s an involved always hands on driving experience. The heating is somewhat parsimonious, and for overnight starts from cold you’ll need to use the manual choke and possibly cope with some ‘exuberance’ when it’s on, and hesitations when it’s not quite set right, but that’s pretty easy to work out, and all part of the classic experience.

A key thing is one size doesn’t fit all. Although the seats aren’t saggy, it definitely won’t be as comfortable as modern cars. The big fixed steering wheel plus basic seat adjustment with cosy seat size means if you’re a little on the large side and/or long in the leg, you may struggle to fit comfortably or operate the controls safely, and folk over 6’2″ probably can’t fit at all. In other words, you’ll need to feel OK driving an older classic that can have a few foibles but that’s all part of the adventure. Overall, she’s pretty easy to drive with a reasonably light clutch – but you will need to be able to translate the miles per hour on the speedo into kilometers per hour, (we give you some visual aids on the dial).

Experience our 1972 MGB GT for yourself

What about safety and reliability?

Any car can have problems, and older cars probably have less to go wrong with them than their modern equivalents in the first place. “Didn’t miss a beat” has appeared many times in our happy customers comments. This one’s done thousands of kilometers of trouble free motoring, including a couple of 12 day 2000km+ South Island road trips, and in over 60 hires has had just two failures to proceed. In the unlikely event of issues, you do have roadside assistance included.

Mainly original, the BGT has had several useful updates including to the seat belts, rear safety brake light, battery and cooling system. She’s regularly serviced and has to pass the Certificate of Fitness (CoF) test required for rental cars every 6 months. Please be aware though, that this is a 50+ year old car without ABS, traction control etc so the only real driver safety aid is you, the driver, and whilst good for its day, the car has nothing like the crash protection offered by modern cars. She’s very capable of keeping up with modern traffic and climbing big hills without losing speed though!

What condition is she in?

Pretty pampered. Whilst she’s not concours with some paint cracking in parts, she’s certainly not down at heel. Inside, the seats and door linings have been re-covered with period headrests added, the seats don’t sag, all the dials work and the dashboard still sports it’s fully covered speckled black metallic finish, setting off the original all working chrome rimmed dials. Outside, you’ll need sunnies in our typical Nelson weather to admire her paintwork and acres of chrome, including the exhaust tail pipe which sets it all off nicely.

How much luggage can fit?

A surprising amount – 1 large suitcase and 2 medium holdalls can be easily swallowed by the hatch and the rear bench seat can take more, but piling it up too much can eat into your rear vision. Please refer to the Seating & Luggage tab above for exact dimensions but note she’s strictly a 2 seater.

Period Perspective

At a midlife crisis point seven years into its lifecycle, our 1972 BGT, (or is it B GT?), was one of the few variants fitted with the recessed grille and rare overdrive, which acted as an electronic 5th and indeed 6th gear, (it could be engaged whilst in 3rd or 4th physical gears). Costing just $3,000 nzd when new, roughly $43,000 in todays money, it was marketed as well, something of which the previous generation would not approve, its slightly racy character matched by slightly racy advertising. My mother definitely did like them though, it’s her old car you’ll be driving….

And the best driving tracks from the same year as the car would be?

If the MG was made one year later in 1973, there would be some hard decisions to make…but it wasn’t, so there aren’t. 1972’s best driving tracks are:

  • Tumbling Dice – Rolling Stones
  • Superstition – Stevie Wonder
  • Happy – Rolling Stones

Now we acknowledge driving music is a very subjective thing, but clearly here, we’re right. So download, hire our Portable Bluetooth Speaker & enjoy!

As an interesting aside, the B GT doesn’t have just one but two songs written in it’s honour – how many cars get to have that? Check out:

  • MG BGT – Richard Thompson
  • MG BGT – Peter Tork (ex The Monkees)

Check out the rest of our classic best road trip driving tracks here and put RentAClassic on your play list… 

Bring Your Own Tunes enabled!

This car is equipped with Aux In for 3.5 jack cable and/or Bluetooth enabled (extra cost) connection to your Smartphone or media device to play your own sounds through the car stereo!

How fast will she go Mister?

Just like age, you never ask a lady her top speed, but you certainly feel like you’re shifting. She has no problem keeping up with modern cars, especially going up the hills, and you’ll be having a lot more fun then they will!

How would a certain Mr Clarkson describe it?

“For people who like getting their fingernails dirty…..”

And the RentAClassic description?

“Characterful, charming and good clean fun……and that’s just our fingernails….”

What's important to you?


Different strokes for different folks….

Do you want sensible things like comfort, luggage space, affordability (OK….)….

or more indulgent stuff like luxury, handling and powwwwerrrrr (yeah)?!

We think all our cars are totally brilliant, but here’s how this MG compares to our other cars on some key rental criteria.

Not so hot
CHARACTER e.g. rarity, personality, that je ne sais quoi, joie de vivre!
RELIABILITY e.g. how few issues has this vehicle had
HANDLING e.g. chuck-ability, poise, fun!
AFFORDABILITY e.g. daily rate, standard excess
LUGGAGE SPACE e.g. behind front seats, in boot & how roof affects
EASE of DRIVING e.g. auto or manual gears, ease of main controls
ECONOMY e.g. fuel efficiency, grade required
COMFORT e.g. space for two, suppleness of ride, noise insulation
LUXURY e.g. quality, number of gadgets
PERFORMANCE e.g. power, acceleration
SAFETY e.g. modernity and number of safety features

Not sure? Get more info...

Navman GPS Satellite Navigation Unit (not With MG/Alfa Spider S2) - $15nzd

GPS Satellite Navigation Hire

Superior to most phone apps, with clear spoken directions and places of interest. $15 per 24 hours.

For Hire

Special Extras to make it extra special...
UE Roll Bluetooth Portable Speaker - Link To SmartPhone - $15nzd

Portable Speaker Hire

Beam your best cruising tracks to our best in class UE Roll Bluetooth speaker! $15 per 24 hours.

Pack a picnic and rug

Hire a picnic hamper with all the settings for 2, (minus food and drink), plus a comfy rug. $30 per 24 hours.

Ready to hire?

All cars come with unlimited km, comprehensive insurance & roadside assistance for both islands, plus insurance excess reduction options. We also provide a personalised familarisation session and documentation for your car. 

The car you see here is the car you’ll get. A 20% deposit using secure payment facilities reserves your unique car and dates, so why not….

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