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The West Coast…..there’s a lot of it, and it definitely has a distinctively different feel to it…

Kiwis refer to it as the ‘Wild West Coast’ as that’s as much for its weather as its history. You can definitely get the four seasons in one day more frequently over there, and when it rains, well, it rains well. The scenery changes almost as dramatically as its meteorology though, with the main State Highway skirting close to or running alongside the coastline, glaciers and wild west townships, crossing huge rivers, some by one lane bridges with passing bays, and a mountain pass to boot.

There are interesting forest, water and historical diversions along the way but the distances are big so make sure you plan your accommodation well in advance on this side as it’s hard to come by at peak season, as can be after business hours petrol stations and mobile phone signals in some locations. It’s quite an adventure!


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