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2005 VW New Beetle Convertible

Available in NELSON

Rent a Cool Cute Convertible!

It’s classic, it’s retro, it’s modern. The new Beetle has all the character and none of the nasty, noisy and unreliable bits of the original. Our Bug looks just right in this particular colour called Mellow Yellow, (quite rightly), which perfectly sums up the cool, laid back vibe from driving this cool, cute convertible around in our stable, plentiful sunshine. It seats 4 adults with ease and cruises easy too with it’s economical but punchy 2.0 litre engine, with optional tiptronic sports mode on the automatic gearbox. Offering superb value for money, it even has a vase on the dash for your flower power man. 

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2.0 litre


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All cars come with unlimited km, comprehensive insurance & roadside assistance for both islands, plus insurance excess reduction options. We also provide a personalised familarisation session and documentation for your car. 

The car you see here is the car you’ll get. A 20% deposit using secure payment facilities reserves your unique car and dates, so why not….

Features and Specification

  • 2.0 litre 
  • Automatic 6 speed with manual change and sports option
  • ABS
  • Airbags
  • Traction Control
  • Reversing Camera

      Ride = Comfort

  • Power Folding Roof
  • Heated Front Seats
  • Heated Glass Rear Window
  • Air Conditioning
  • CD Player
  • Seats 4
  • Easy fold down access to rear seats
  • Luggage space = Good
  • Boot dimensions = 100 x 50 x 50 (cm LWH)
  • Boot dimensions are same with roof up or down


What's she like to drive?

Underneath the lovely pastel curves are mostly the mechanics of a Volkswagen Golf, so it drives pretty darn well. Nimble sports car might be pushing it, although Clarkson rates it to a Golf GTi, but the 2.0 engine is pretty lusty pressing on and can more than cope with anything New Zealand roads can throw at it, jus’ fine man, especially if you chuck it into sports or manual tiptronic mode. It’s a smooth cruiser and top up the thickly insulated roof makes for a surprisingly quiet touring experience with masses of headroom roof up, (and even more down!). 


What do I need to get used to?

Not for shrinking violets and guys will need to be pretty secure, laid back dudes when they pull up top down beside any UTE drivers, but hey we know those are just jealous and probably insecure anyway. This convertible has great interior space, the fold down and forward front seats giving easy access for those getting into the rear. Roof up you’ll be as snug as, well, as a bug with a heated glass rear window, heated front seats and air conditioning. Putting the roof down is like the outcome, a gentle breeze, you just press a button to access the latch, give it a twist to unlatch it and then it’s all electric from there, taking only 10 seconds. It doesn’t consume any boot space when down, instead giving you a rear spoiler that its Porsche 911 ‘whale tale’ Turbo cousin, (distant), could only dream about. To raise, just hold the button the other way, give a good tug down and twist the handle to re-latch. Plus there’s a button to lower and raise all 4 windows at once.


What about safety and reliability?

This is a pretty modern German convertible built with VW Golf bits so reliability comes as standard, as does ABS, traction control and plenty of airbags. It’s regularly serviced and has to pass the Certificate of Fitness (CoF) test required for rental cars every 6 months. And despite the large fabric roof rear corners, your back is covered when reversing thanks to a reversing camera….or you could put the roof down in just 10 seconds to be extra sure…

What condition is she in?

Most aspects are in pretty darn good condition, and the fabric top is fully weatherproof. You get cool exterior colour panels around the inside of the car, and the chrome trim sparkles in the sunlight. You might get the odd glass rattle with windows up, roof down on bumpy roads, and the trim round the gear lever is the only bit that’s a little scratchy, but otherwise the very well preserved interior and two tone cloth makes it a tastefully chic and comfortable place to be. Check out the long list of luxury features in the purple tab above.


How much luggage can fit?

If there are only 2 of you, then not needing the rear seats gives a huge amount of luggage space there. The boot itself has a fair bit of space, but has a relatively small opening so it’s probably only soft luggage, large rucksacks or small cabin suitcases in there. See the Seating & Luggage purple tab above for exact dimensions.


And the best driving tracks from the same year as the car would be?

We’ve selected the grooviest songs from the 60s for your hip trip, (road trip obviously)

  • Drive My Car – The Beatles (or maybe ‘Hey Dude“….)
  • My Cherie Amour – Stevie Wonder
  • This Guy’s in Love With You – Herb Alpert

Now we acknowledge driving music is a very subjective thing, but clearly here, we’re right. So although the Beetle does come with a CD player, there’s no aux in or Bluetooth so you’ll need to hire our portable Bluetooth Speaker, download them onto your music machine, and enjoy!


How fast will she go Mister?

Quite fast enough with a 2.0 litre engine.


How would a certain Mr Clarkson describe it?

“Great… in fantastic…it’s so lovable, it drives like a Golf GTI….”


And the RentAClassic description?

Lara our dog pictured might say “Dig that cool woofless convertible vibe dude”….sorry she doesn’t come with the car but if you want to take her for a walk, be my guest. Hover over the picture to see the roof up profile.

What's important to you?


Different strokes for different folks….

Do you want sensible things like comfort, luggage space, affordability (maybe)….

or more indulgent stuff like luxury, handling and powwwwerrrrr? (Oh yes!)

We think all our cars are totally brilliant, but here’s how this VW compares to our other cars on some key rental criteria.

Not so quite
EASE of DRIVING e.g. auto or manual gears, ease of main controls
COMFORT e.g. space for two, suppleness of ride, noise insulation
RELIABILITY e.g. how few issues has this vehicle had
SAFETY e.g. modernity and number of safety features
AFFORDABILITY e.g. daily rate, standard excess
ECONOMY e.g. fuel efficiency, grade required
LUXURY e.g. quality, number of gadgets
LUGGAGE SPACE e.g. behind front seats, in boot & how roof affects
CHARACTER e.g. rarity, personality, that je ne sais quoi, joie de vivre!
HANDLING e.g. chuck-ability, poise, fun!
PERFORMANCE e.g. power, acceleration

Not sure? Get more info...

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Special Extras to make it extra special...
UE Roll Bluetooth Portable Speaker - Link To SmartPhone - $15nzd

Portable Speaker Hire

Beam your best cruising tracks to our best in class UE Roll Bluetooth speaker! $15 per 24 hours.

Pack a picnic and rug

Hire a picnic hamper with all the settings for 2, (minus food and drink), plus a comfy rug. $30 per 24 hours.

Ready to hire?

All cars come with unlimited km, comprehensive insurance & roadside assistance for both islands, plus insurance excess reduction options. We also provide a personalised familarisation session and documentation for your car. 

The car you see here is the car you’ll get. A 20% deposit using secure payment facilities reserves your unique car and dates, so why not….

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