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The Joys of the Open Road....your Road Trip awaits...


Whether you fancy a drive to last a day or a lifetime, have we got the routes, the roads and the rental car rarities for you, (phew, that took some alliteration…)!

These Road Trip Routes are tried and tested, offering an amazing amount of variety and entertainment with relentless scenic pleasure…and not necessarily a lot of other traffic. Whether you’re after mountain passes or coastal roads, wildlife or wine life, they all offer great drives, stunning scenery and plenty of walks across National Parks or local beaches. They can all start from one or other of our bases and they’re definitely all best taken in a sports car, particularly of the convertible variety!



So starting from a click on our bases above, chose your interests, pick your route, select your car, and take that Road Trip you always promised yourselves with RentAClassic.



The Whangamoas, a snaking hill climb just outside of Nelson on SH6 to Blenheim, (Credit: Andy McDonald, Stuff)


Kekerengu, road north of Kaikoura, East Coast SH1 (Credit: Andy Poswillo, Bayleys)

Including both Nelson AND Christchurch

Ruby Bay, 20 minutes north west of Nelson, on the scenic route to Motueka.

Of further interest....?

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