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Mini Thrill Maximised – Rent the zippiest BMW Mini Cooper in New Zealand! 

A fizzin’, poppin’, how much fun can you have, one heck of a drivers go kart car…that can still seat up to four adults and some luggage and look cute pootling about town when required. This costs a bit more to hire than an ordinary Mini rental car, because where else in the world can you hire a top of the range factory made genuine John Cooper Works Mini and drive right here on some of the best roads in the world. There are less than 70 of these JCW models in all of New Zealand and we’ve got the only one you can rent, full of high quality touches BMW are famed for. The 1.6 litre turbocharged engine is the epitome of zippy and punchiness and yet can still give up to 40 mpg. 

And guys, if you think Mini’s are a ‘girly car’ – heck, get more secure, why should they get all the fun?!

Or of course, you could go for an ordinary rental car from someone else if you want…. 

Day 1
$175 $125!
2nd - 5th Day
$135 $80!
6th - 9th Day
$105 $55!
Day 10 & over
Please Ask
For hire since 2019 from
Nelsonask about other pickup/drop off locations

Ready to hire?

All cars come with unlimited km, comprehensive insurance & roadside assistance for both islands, plus insurance excess reduction options. We also provide a personalised familarisation session and documentation for your car. 

The car you see here is the car you’ll get. A 20% deposit using secure payment facilities reserves your unique car and dates, so why not….

Features and Specification

  • 1.6 litre Turbo
  • Manual 6 speed transmission
Safety Rating: 5 star EuroNCAP

  • ABS
  • Airbags
  • Cornering Brake Control
  • Dynamic Traction Control
  • Dynamic Stability Control

      Ride = Firm

  • Climate control
  • CD player with aux input
  • Leather Steering Wheel & inserts on seats
  • Seats 4
  • Luggage space = Adequate
  • Boot dimensions = 90 x 35 x 40  (cm LWH)

What's she like to drive?

Frankly simply brilliant! Super responsive, super engaging, super fun. I’ve driven a lot of sports cars, but in terms of ‘making due progress’, especially around the mountain pass twisties, I wonder if anything could keep up with this. All our cars are great drives but this feels the most alive, the most engaging, the most fun. There’s pin sharp steering from the chunky steering wheel and instant acceleration, all backed up by hugely capable Brembo brakes and a traction control system that’s supportive but not overly intrusive. But it’s also surprisingly smooth, calm and nippy for a little car, and quite happy cruising around town, with a light clutch, and easy to park.  Remember this is a full factory made John Cooper Works, not an add on kit one, with all the performance features designed in. And you’ll want to wind the windows down to hear just how many times you can get those fat twin exhaust pipes to bark, burble and pop – it’s addictive!


What do I need to get used to?

Having a permanent grin on your face? Feeling like the coolest cat in town as you nip in and out? The clutch is light, visibility good, the gear stick slick, alcantara & carbon fibre grafting sweetly onto your hand. And that chunky leather steering wheel is one of the most satisfying I’ve ever got my hands on. To start you have to remember to have the clutch fully depressed before hitting the Start button but that’s about as complicated as it gets. And those aircraft style toggle switches, like the acceleration, just invite you to play. And there’s more play at night with the ‘mood interior lighting’ – toggle between a rainbow of cool ambient lights in foot wells, ceiling & doors – spa not included.

What about safety and reliability?

The Mini might be mini but BMW have packed a huge amount of safety kit into it, making it one of the very safest cars on our fleet. Along with loads of airbags and ABS you’ve got Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD), Cornering Brake Control (CBC), Electronic Differential Lock Control (EDLC) and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC). We maintain it to a high standard as we transport our family around in it too, and like all our cars it has to pass a 6 monthly Certificate of Fitness for rental car roadworthiness. 

What condition is she in?

Superb, only very slight wear on some of the leather parts of the seats, plus a few marks on the front bumper so you don’t feel so concerned.

How much luggage can fit?

Well that all depends on how many friends want to join in the fun! With 4 in the car you’ve a conservative 90 cm across x 35 deep x 40 high of space in the boot, but drop that down to 3 people and a whole back seat can fold down giving a lot more space. With only 2, both rear seats can fold flat giving a huge carrying capacity.

And incidentally two 6 footers can just about sit comfy in the back seats, plus there’s ISOFIX connectors there for proper child seats. 

And the best driving tracks from the same year as the car would be?

Although they’re not the best driving songs, as is often the case the female of the species has saved the day from a not great musical year IMHO:

  • Stepping Stone – Duffy 
  • This Is – Grace Jones
  • Lyra – Kate Bush

Now we acknowledge driving music is a very subjective thing, but clearly here, we’re right. So download, hire our Portable Bluetooth Speaker & enjoy!

Check out the rest of our classic best road trip driving tracks here and put RentAClassic on your play list… 

Bring Your Own Tunes enabled!

This car is equipped with Aux In for 3.5 jack cable and/or Bluetooth enabled (extra cost) connection to your Smartphone or media device to play your own sounds through the car stereo!

How fast will she go Mister?

Quick – 100km/h comes up in a rapid 6.5 seconds and that’s as fast as you want to go.


How would a certain Mr Clarkson describe it?

“…the motoring equivalent of fish and chips at the Ivy restaurant; it appeals on every single conceivable level.” 

“I absolutely love it. I have been volunteering to go into town to get the milk and then coming home without it, on purpose, so I can go again”

And the RentAClassic description?

“Oh dear, we’ve run out of white stuff to put in our tea….miiiiilllllk it again!”

Special Extras to make it extra special...

Satellite Navigation Hire

Satellite navigation unit hire from $15 / day.

Portable Speaker Hire

Beam your perfect cruising soundtracks to our best in class UE Roll Bluetooth speaker! $15 per 24 hours.

Pack a picnic

Hire a picnic hamper with settings for 2 or 4, (minus food & drink), plus rug. $30 for 24 hours.

Ready to hire?

All cars come with unlimited km, comprehensive insurance & roadside assistance for both islands, plus insurance excess reduction options. We also provide a personalised familarisation session and documentation for your car. 

The car you see here is the car you’ll get. A 20% deposit using secure payment facilities reserves your unique car and dates, so why not….

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