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People you do have a choice in car hire!

Friends, Romans and countrymen from other places who know a thing or two about producing characterful motors, lend me your ears, or rather your eyeballs; I come to bury boring car hire companies, not to praise them. Too long have you laboured under the oppression that is a Toyota Corolla in base model trim with it’s school custard gear change and the not too faint whiff of 9 month old Turtle air freshener. Too long have you been confined to the choice of Group A or B, economy or medium, with no influence on what colour, specification, model or even make of car you’ll be allocated, apart from the fact it’ll have 4 wheels  and can fit 2 items of grey luggage to be neatly camouflaged amongst the grey velour. Too frequently has the enticing carrot of ‘executive upgrade’ been dangled before you, only for you to find out it’s just as dreary but bigger with the added bonuses of a damped opening mechanism on the ash tray and a soft glow interior light in the glove box…..mmmm, nice.

What is it with you people? You spend weeks poring over and comparing the highest rated places to stay, the choicest places to eat with the most varied and enticing menus, the undiscovered gems to visit off the beaten Billy no mates planet track, and as well you should if you know what you like, although often it’s the unplanned detours that can be the most memorable. And yet for the transport that gets you to all those in which you’ll probably spend more time than of all of them put together, you tick a check box to leave for some faceless efficiency and profitability maximising software to choose your vehicle that happens to be lying around at the back of a yard somewhere, and where the personal service comprises being welcomed by interminable forms and having a set of keys chucked in your general direction? Does it have a CD, cassette, or digital media player? Dunno, and not sure if it works anyway, gotta go….

Awake, rise up, you do have a choice in car hire! With RentAClassic you can drive something different! You are allowed and positively encouraged to enjoy hire cars that are fun, idiosyncratic and just plain gorgeous! You’re free to choose rental cars that have a character all of their own, put smiles on faces and get total strangers merrily talking with you. Where the handover really is a personal introduction to the foibles and joys of the car you’ve selected, explaining how everything works, and we’ll even tell you if anything doesn’t, (but don’t worry it won’t be major).  RentAClassic cars aren’t the cheapest hire cars you can get, but in smiles per mile they’re unbeatable value. Choose from our range of classic sports car – a 1972 MG BGT; classic convertible – a 1999 Saab 93 SE convertible; or a classic that’s both a sports and convertible  – our 2001 Italian Alfa Romeo Spider V6. Those of Roman origin should certainly feel led to follow all their senses to that one, but we reckon countrymen and countrywomen from anywhere deserve an inspired choice in hire cars…..friends, come to RentAClassic Nelson, we’ll lend you our car keys….

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